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Contributed by: Faculty and residents Children's Hospital.
Patient: 14 year old female
History: 14 year old girl with anterior neck swelling detected on physical exam

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US: Complex 2.3 cm hypoechoic cystic lesion at the left inferior pole of the thyroid.

CT: Cystic lesion anterolateral to the trachea and abutting the lower pole of the thyroid gland.  Hypodense and non-enhancing.

Diagnosis: Tracheal duplication cyst confirmed at surgery/pathology

Differential diagnosis:
-Foregut duplication cyst
-Thymic cyst
-Thyroid cyst
-Pericardial cysts (differential by location)

Bronchogenic cysts most commonly mediastinal - precarinal, paratracheal, retrocardiac

Usually incidental in adults, but if large can present in childhood with stridor or dysphagia from mass effect on the trachea or esophagus.

Imaging features:  Sharply marginated, cystic with water or soft tissue density if higher protein content.  No enhancement.  Low T1, High T2 on MRI.

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Case Number: 5174716Last Updated: 06-30-2006
Anatomy: Face and Neck   Pathology: Congenital
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Keywords: tracheal duplication cyst

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