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Contributed by: DIEGO HERNAN LLANOS, Radiologist, Hospital d'Igualada, Spain.
Patient: 57 year old female
Paciente con dolor en la rodilla. Al examen físico encuentran derrame articular y dolor en la interlinea  medial.

Patient with pain in the knee. To the physical examination they find spill to articulate and pain in the interline  medial.

Fig. 1: RM T1 STIR. Abundante derrame articular, con imagenes lineales en la región medial de la rodilla. RM T1 STIR. Abundant spill to articulate, with linear images in the medial region of the knee.

Fig. 2: RM DP STIR Sagital. Imagenes lineales de localización Suprapatelar, dentro de abundante derrame articular. RM DP STIR Sagital. Linear images of Suprapatelar location, within abundant spill to articulate.

Fig. 3: DP SPIR Sagital. Signos de sinovitis, con compromiso de la grasa de hoffa. DP SPIR Sagital. Signs of synovitis, with commitment of the fat of hoffa.
Existe abundante derrame articular, con la presencia de imagenes lineales e hipointensas, localizadas en la región superior medial de la patela.

Abundant spill exists to articulate, with the presence of linear and hypointense images, located in the medial superior region of patela.
Plicae Suprapatelar.
La plica es una estructura normal, que representa remanentes de tejido sinovial, de la etapa embrionaria.
Tipos: Suprapatelar, Infrapatelar, Lateral y Medial.
Puede encontrarse en pacientes asintomáticos, pero aparece dolor, crepitación o derrame articular, luego de trauma, inflamación o frecuente actividad deportiva.
Se aprecia como imagen hipointensa y lineal, dentro de tejido inflamatorio o derrame. Su presencia no indica patología. Clinicamente significativa, cuando aparece engrosada y con sinovitis asociada.

The plica is a normal structure, that it represents synovial weave surpluses, of the embryonic stage.
Types: Suprapatelar, Infrapatelar, Lateral and Medial.
It can be in asymptomatic patients, but it appears pain, crackle or it spills to articulate, after trauma, inflammation or frequents sport activity.
It is appraised like hypointense and linear image, within inflammatory weave or spills. Its presence does not indicate pathology. Clinically significant, when she appears thickened and with associate synovitis.

Garcia R et al. Anatomy and MR Imaging Appearances of Synovial Plicae of the Knee.
RadioGraphics 2002: 22: 775-784.

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Anatomy: Skeletal System   Pathology: Non-Infectious Inflammatory Disease
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