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Contributed by: Elisa Aguirre, Radiologist, HUGF - Hospital Universitario de Getafe, Spain.
Patient: 2 year old female
History: 2 year old female with painful left elbow after falling down over hyperextended left arm.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2: Lateral view
Findings: Supracondylar fracture with posterior subtle tilting of the distal fragment
Diagnosis: Supracondylar fracture of humerus Gartlan type II

Supracondylar fracture is the most common fracture of the humerus. (2nd in frequency is lateral condylar fracture, and less common is the medial epicondylar fracture)

Typical in children 2-8 years-old

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Case Number: 50161863Last Updated: 02-26-2011
Anatomy: Skeletal System   Pathology: Trauma
Modality: Conventional RadiographAccess Level: Readable by all users
Keywords: fracture supracondylar humerus elbow

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