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Contributed by: Michael Richardson, Radiologist, University of Washington, Washington, USA.
Patient: 21 year 10 month old male
History: 21-year-old young man with psoriatic arthritis. He has undergone bilateral total hip replacements and a left total shoulder replacement. For increasing pain, decreasing range of motion and progressive arthropathy on radiographs he underwent a right total shoulder arthroplasty.

Fig. 1: AP and lateral views of the left elbow

Fig. 2: AP and lateral views of the left elbow

There are features of an erosive arthritis, with erosion and cupping
of the olecranon and humeral trochlea, as well as irregularity of the
adjacent articular surfaces of the capitellum and radial head.
Alignment is anatomic. There is an elbow joint effusion.


1. Moderate to severe cartilage loss, bony irregularity and deformity
of the elbow, consistent with the inflammatory arthropathy of
psoriatic arthritis.

Diagnosis: psoriatic arthritis
References: 1. Taylor WJ, Porter GG, Helliwell PS. Operational definitions and observer reliability of the plain radiographic features of psoriatic arthritis. J Rheumatol. 2003 Dec;30(12):2645-58.
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Case Number: 30741Last Updated: 08-10-2004
Anatomy: Skeletal System   Pathology: Non-Infectious Inflammatory Disease
Modality: Conventional RadiographExam Date: 09-04-1997Access Level: Readable by all users
Keywords: psoriasis, arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatology, elbowACR: 42.720

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