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Contributed by: Rolando Reyna, Radiologist, Hospital Santo Tomas, Panama.
Patient: female
History: Differents types of placenta.

Fig. 1: Grade 0

Fig. 2: grade I

Fig. 3: Grade II

Fig. 4: Grade III

Fig: grade 0
fig 2: grade I
fig 3: grade II
fig III: grade III

Diagnosis: Placenta Grading

Grade 0: Placental body is homogeneous. The amniochorionic plate is even throughout. Late 1st trimester-early 2nd trimester

Grade I : Placental body shows a few echogenic densities ranging from 2-4 mm in diameter. Chorionic plate shows small indentations. Mid 2nd trimester –early 3rd trimester (~18-29 wks).

Grade II : Chorionic plate shows marked indentations,creating comma-like densities which extend into the placental substance but do not reach the basal plate. The echogenic densities within the placental also increase in size and number. The basal layer comes punctuated with linear echoes which are enlarged with their long axis parallel to the basal layer. Late 3rd trimester (~30 wks to delivery)

Grade III : Complete indentations of chorionic plate through to the basilar plate creating “cotyledons” (portions of placenta separated by the indentations) . 39 wks – post dates


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