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Contributed by: Anthony Giauque, Radiologist, University of Washington, Washington, USA.
Patient: 17 year old female

Patient has history of spinal ependymoma. This study was perfomed as a follow up exam, Spinal MRI.


Fig. 1: Sagittal T2

Fig. 2: Axial T2

Fig. 3: Axial T2

Fig. 4: Axial T2

Fig. 5: Axial T2

Fig. 6: Axial T2

Fig. 7: Axial T2

Fig. 8: Axial T2

Fig. 9: Axial T2
Findings: Enormous fluid collection in the abdomen, interpreted as "massively distended bladder."
Diagnosis: Ovarian Cystadenoma. (see discussion below)

Upon receiving the results of a "massively distended bladder," the patient was sent for urodynamic which were normal. A CT was then performed (not shown) which redemonstrated a huge cystic lesion in the abdomen. Exploratory laparotomy showed a 20 cm ovarian cyst.

The follwing is quoted from the patient's discharge summary by the general surgery service, "The remarkable feature of this case is that the patient looked 'eight months pregnant' and admitted to being teased about her pregnancy."

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Case Number: 157432Last Updated: 09-18-2003
Anatomy: Genitourinary (GU)   Pathology: Benign Mass, Cyst
Modality: MRExam Date: 08-25-2003Access Level: Readable by all users
Keywords: ovarian cystadenoma

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