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Contributed by: Residents and Faculty Baptist Health System Birmingham Alabama, Radiologist, Baptist Health System Hospitals Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
Patient: 76 year old female
History: None

Fig. 1

A-P tomogram left foot
- subchondral lucent lesion of lateral talar dome
- central area of increased density (bony fragment)

Diagnosis: osteochondritis dissecans - talus

1) Transchondral fractures involving the talus
osteochondritis dissecans
usually involves the medial 1/3 of lateral border
2nd-4th decades usually
lateral lesion thought to be due to inversion injury
can be bilateral
2) Other sites
knee -> lateral aspect of medial condyle
patella -> medial facet
DDX - chondromalacia patellae, dorsal defect (superolateral)
other tarsal bones
elbow -> capitulum
humeral head (Hill Sachs)

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Anatomy: Skeletal System   Pathology: Trauma
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