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Contributed by: Residents and Faculty Baptist Health System Birmingham Alabama.
Patient: 47 year old female
History: 47 year old female. Screening breast exam detected a "lump" in breast on the right.

Fig. 1
Findings: There is a lucent lesion in the right breast with a suggestion of spiculation or cicatrization in the surrounding parenchyma. What is your most likely diagnosis? What is your differential diagnosis?

oil cyst
lipoma, galactocele, and rarely fibroadenolipoma (or mammary hamartoma).

Discussion: Focal fat necrosis is quite common in the breast. Most commonly it is demonstrated incidentally on mammograms, but it can appear as a palpable, sometimes painful mass with associated skin thickening and retraction. There is frequently a history of trauma to the breast, particularly after surgery, and this form of fat necrosis has been termed "post-traumatic oil cyst". The typical appearance of these lesions is a lucency surrounded by distortion and spiculation (simulating a cancer). Calcification may also be present in fat necrosis. Fat necrosis, per se, has no malignant potential.
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Anatomy: Breast   Pathology: Trauma
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