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Contributed by: Howard Raymond, Radiologist, Holyoke Hospital, Massachusetts, USA.
Patient: 75 year old female
History: 75 year old female with hematuria. Scout of IVP reveals a calcified fetus overlying the right iliac wing. On further questioning the patient claims that she "lost" a baby when she was younger, but did not seek medical care at the time.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2
Findings: Calcified fetus overlying right iliac wing.
Diagnosis: Lithopedion
Never seen that before...was exciting!--anjali bhagra, 2004-10-27
this is the first time that i see that awesome--Rolando Reyna, 2005-05-14
Unbelieveable...never seen before--Anonymous, 2005-08-25
its really outsyanding.. don't think will ever see such a case again..CONGRATULATIONS.. rohan--rohan kashyape, 2006-05-28
Was this a calcified fetus due to ectopic pregnancy or a teratoma?--David Silchman, 2006-09-17
wow, never seen that before--Parvesh Nand, 2006-11-28
but whats the opcified/calcified structure above the bladder ? feed me back pls on .thx for this cool case--Mariam Mattar, 2006-12-13
amazing, what your differential diagnosis?--Samir Kodsi, 2007-10-05
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Case Number: 72398Last Updated: 11-27-2008
Anatomy: Genitourinary (GU)   Pathology: Other
Modality: Conventional RadiographAccess Level: Readable by all users
Keywords: lithopedion

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