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Contributed by: Corning Benton, Radiologist, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Ohio, USA.
Patient: 5 year old male

Fig. 1: CT. The defect in the right parietal bone has sharp irregular margins.

Fig. 2: MR pre-contrast. The lesion's signal is the same as brain.

Fig. 3: MR with contrast. The lesion enhances, and it occupies the subdural, epidural, and subgaleal spaces.

Fig. 4: Tangential MR with a surface coil. The mass is surrounded in the subgaleal space by high signal -- probably fluid.
Discussion: The child felt a lump under his scalp after a fall in the bathtub. The lump is getting larger. The mass was easily and completely removed by the neurosurgeon.
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Case Number: 4397Last Updated: 05-01-2001
Anatomy: Cranium and Contents   Pathology: Benign Mass, Cyst
Modality: CT, MRExam Date: Access Level: Readable by all users
Keywords: eosinophilic granuloma, langerhans cell histiocytosis, calvarium, mass, bone destruction, osteolysis, bone:parietal, bone:skull

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