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Contributed by: Radiology Residency Program Faculty & Staff, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine-Canton Affiliated Hospitals, Ohio, USA.
Patient: 65 year old female
History: 65 year old female with dizziness and headache at top of head.  Lightheadedness.  Ovarian cancer 41 years ago.

Fig. 1: CT Head Scout

Fig. 2: CT Head - Bone Window

Fig. 1: Scout radiograph from CT head shows a dense mass in the right frontal sinus.

Fig. 2: Axial CT demonstrates a 9 mm hyperdense mass bony protruding into the right frontal sinus.

Diagnosis: Frontal Sinus Osteoma

Sinus Osteoma

- benign mass
- usually identified in the frontal sinus
- infrequently a source for recurrent headache and/or recurrent sinusitis
- occasionally results in mucocele formation and/or pneumocephalus as the posterior wall of the frontal sinus is breached
- classic history: severe sinus pain associated with airplane takeoffs
- patient with colonic polyps and osteomas = Gardner syndrome (autosomal dominant)
- also associated with Ollier disease

- frequently not visible on MR b/c of dense compact bone structure
- CT demonstrates a markedly hyperdense bony mass protruding into the sinus


Grossman, RI., Yousem, DM. Neuroradiology: The Requisites. 2nd Edition. Mosby, 2003.

Submitted by:

Aakash D. Singh, M.D. PGY-V Radiology Resident

Robert Reaven, M.D. - Radiologist
Mercy Medical Center

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Anatomy: Cranium and Contents   Pathology: Benign Mass, Cyst
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