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never visited EPIDIDYMAL CYST
Contributed by: Virginia Mason Medical Center, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Washington, USA.
History: 55 y.o. male with slowly enlarging scrotal mass and increasing discomfort.

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There are multiple epididymal cysts present with one very large
epididymal cyst in the left scrotal sac. The large cyst dominates the
entire scrotum measuring more than 7 x 8cm in diameter. There is some
echogenic material present within the epididymal cyst.
3. Small stone is noted inferior in the epididymis. The testicle
appears normal.

Diagnosis: Large Epididymal cyst.
Discussion: Epididymal cyst is of unknown etiology, probably congenital.May occur in any part of the epididymis, but most common in thwe head. Uni- or bilateral. Removed only if symptomatic. May be differentiated from spermatocele only with aspiration-if sperm containing, then a spermatocele. Other entities in the differential of cystic extratesticular mass-Tunica cyst, hydrocele, and hematocele.
References: Various-Internet.
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