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Contributed by: Children's Hospital Omaha, Radiologist, Omaha Childrens, Creighton University and UNMC, Nebraska, USA.
History: Infant presenting with billious vomiting

Fig. 1: Near water attenuation smooth walled mass mass between the duodenum and the IVC

Duodenal duplication cyst Incidence:
5% of all small bowel duplications are in the duodenumduplications

noncommunicating spherical cyst; may contain ectopic gastric mucosa in 21%, small bowel mucosa, pancreatic tissue

obstruction, ,pain , vomiting ,palpable abdominal mass
-hemorrhage (due to peptic ulceration)
-jaundice (due to biliary obstruction)
-pancreatitis (due to ectopic pancreatic tissue)
-25% have gastric mucosa. Peptic ulceration can cause pain , bleeding

Site: on mesenteric side of anterior wall of 1st and 2nd portion of duodenum
- mass in concavity of duodenal C-loop
- compression ,extrinsic mass efect and displacement of 1st and or 2nd portion of duodenum superiorly and anteriorly

CT appearnce:
-Near water attenuation smooth walled mass between the duodenum and the IVC. The attenuation increases when it contains hemmorhage, proteinaceus or purulent material.

DDx: pancreatic cyst, pancreatic pseudocyst, choledochal cyst, choledochocele, duodenal intramural tumor, pancreatic tumor


Dahnert, Wolfgang. Radiology Review Manual 4th Edition. Williams and Wilkins, 1999

Submitted by: Paras Khandhar, Medical Student, Creighton University Medical Center
Phillip J. Silberberg, M.D, Radiology, Children's Hospital, Omaha, NE
Benjamin Silberberg

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