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Contributed by: hong pham, Resident, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Washington, USA.
Patient: 64 year old male
History: 64 yo male s/p cardiac arrest. 1869654

Fig. 1

1. Diffuse cerebral edema with complete effacement of sulci, ventricles, and cisterns. Grey white junction not well discriminated.

2. There is moderate mucosal thickening of the frontal sinus and ethmoid
air cells. There are fluid levels at the sphenoid sinus, maxillary
sinus, and right mastoid air cells and middle ear cavity.

Diagnosis: cerebral anoxia
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Additional Details:

Case Number: 117587Last Updated: 07-29-2003
Anatomy: Cranium and Contents   Pathology: Other
Modality: CTExam Date: 07-29-2003Access Level: Readable by all users
Keywords: cerebral edema, anoxia

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