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Contributed by: Jason Asheim, Resident, Henry Ford Hospital, Michigan, USA.
Patient: 37 year old male
History: A 37 year old male with a history of HIV/AIDS who presented with difficulty swallowing and feelings similar to that of food getting stuck in his throat.

Fig. 1
Findings: Double contrast esophagram shows a diffusely irregular esophagus with a shaggy appearance of the mucosa.
Diagnosis: Candidial Esophagitis

The most frequent cause of fungal infection of the esophagus is Candida and the species is predominantly Candida albicans. It is also called moniliasis. Candida albicans is a frequent cause of infection of the esophagus seen in AIDS patients. The lesions are membranous, visible as white plaques or with an ulcerative aspect. Radiographic features are small filling defects on the barium contrast study due to small mucosal plaques oriented along the long axis of the esophagus and to edema of the submucosa. In advanced cases a specific pattern characterized by an irregular ragged and shaggy mucosal contour due to mucosal ulcerations and overlying pseudomembranes is visible

References: Referenced on 10/13/2003
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Case Number: 182563Last Updated: 11-23-2005
Anatomy: Gastrointestinal (GI)   Pathology: Infection
Modality: Conventional RadiographExam Date: 03-03-2003Access Level: Readable by all users
Keywords: esophagitis, moniliasis, candida, candidial, candidal

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