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Contributed by: Children's Hospital Omaha, Radiologist, Omaha Childrens, Creighton University and UNMC, Nebraska, USA.
Patient: 12 day old male
History: Newborn with a right neck mass at birth in a rural hospital.

Fig. 1: Right neck mass.

Fig. 2: Right neck mass with Hounsfield Units.
Findings: Cystic appearing right neck ovoid mass just anterior to the sternocleidomastoid muscle at the level of the angle of the jaw, with Hounsfield units measuring 8-22.
Diagnosis: Branchial Cleft Cyst

-Congenital cystic lesions of the neck include: branchial cleft cyst, cystic lymphangioma, necrotic inflammatory lymphadenopathy, thymic cyst, parathyroid cyst, dermoid cyst (cystic teratoma), ectopic bronchogenic cyst
-Branchial cleft cysts arise in the parotid space near the mandibular angle and parapharyngeal space. May displace the sternocleidomastoid muscle posteriorly, the carotid artery and jugular vein posteromedially, and the submandibular gland anteriorly. Pathognomic if insinuates between the internal and external carotid artery.


Dahnert, Wolfgang. Radiology Review Manual 4th Edition. Williams and Wilkins, 1999

Submitted by:
Patrick A. Harty, M.D., Radiology Resident, Creighton University
Chad Eicher, M.D., Radiology Resident, Creighton University Medical Center

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Anatomy: Face and Neck   Pathology: Congenital
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