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Contributed by: ucrad residents, Radiologist, University of Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Patient: 39 year old female
History: 39 y/o female with left neck mass X 4 years, increasing in size without pain.

Fig. 1: Infused neck CT.

Fig. 2: Infused neck CT.

Fig. 3: Infused neck CT.
Findings: 4 X 4 cm mass in left neck at the level of the hyoid bone which displaces the left sternocleidomastoid laterally, the left submandibular gland anteriorly and the carotid sheath medially. This is well demarcated, fluid density, thin-walled and does not enhance. No signficant adenopathy or soft tissue stranding.
Diagnosis: Branchial cleft cyst, type 2.

Embryologic cyst from 2nd (most common) cervical pouch.
Clinical: anterior triangle neck mass, may be infected.
Location: anterior triangle at the angle of the mandible.
Signal: water density, unless infected (can enhance or have debris)

References: Primer of Diagnostic Imaging, 2ed. Weissleder R, et al.
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Case Number: 229082Last Updated: 11-21-2003
Anatomy: Face and Neck   Pathology: Benign Mass, Cyst
Modality: CTExam Date: 04-12-2003Access Level: Readable by all users
Keywords: branchial cleft cyst, neck, cyst

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