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Contributed by: Fritsch & Thompson.

Fig. 1: bone islands in femoral head and in supra-acetabular area

Fig. 2: lateral projection shows bone island in supra-acetabular area

Fig. 3: bone island in the juxta-articular ilium near the lower part of the SI joint
Findings: Homogenous focal areas of increased radiopacity, with round to ovoid shape in the femoral head and supra-acetabular ilium.
Diagnosis: bone islands
Discussion: Typically round to ovoid in shape and less than 1cm in size, bone islands are common in the femoral head/neck area and in the flat bones of the pelvis. They are occasionally worrisome when larger than usual and/or when seen on radiographs of older patients, where blastic metastatic disease is a differential consideration. In younger patients, a solitary bone island can also mimic the reactive sclerosis associated with osteoid osteoma, particularly in the femoral neck.
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Case Number: 3599330Last Updated: 01-07-2006
Anatomy: Skeletal System   Pathology: Normal/Variants
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Keywords: enostoma; bone island

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