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Contributed by: Natalie Thompson, Medical Student, Mountain State University, West Virginia, USA.
Patient: 69 year old female
History: The patient was a 69 year old female. Her chief complaint was bilateral lower extremity pain lasting for over a week. She also had knee pain. The doctor ordered a bilateral venous doppler to rule out DVT and a X-Ray of the left knee.

Fig. 1: Complex cystic area located in the Lt. Pop fossa
Findings: As I was performing the lower extremity venous ultrasound I discovered a complex anechoic area behind the knee of the left leg. Blood flow was normal through out both legs through the popliteal region. Color flow doppler and Pulsed Wave doppler showed normal flow. There was no blood flow in the questionable area. It measured 3.50cm X 3.30cm X 1.66 cm. There was no evidence of DVT at the time.

Diagnosis: Sonographic evaluation of the left lower extremity shows normal compressibility and augmentation of the popliteal through the femoral veins with no evidence of deep vein thrombosis. There are anechoic areas seen in the popliteal fossa suggesting a Baker's cyst. MRI is suggested for further evaluation of the area.

Two views of the left knee show narrowing of the medial joint space with juxta-articular osteophyte formation consistent with osteoarthritis. No acute bone or soft tissue abnormality is seen.

A Baker cyst, also called a popliteal cyst, is swelling caused by knee joint fluid protruding to the back of the knee (popliteal area of the knee). When an excess of knee joint fluid is compressed by the body weight between the bones of the knee joint, it can become trapped and separate from the joint to form a fluid-filled sac, referred to as a Baker cyst.
Baker cysts are not uncommon and can be caused by virtually any cause of joint swelling (arthritis). The most common form of arthritis associated with Baker's cysts is osteoarthritis.
References: Liem T Bui-Mansfield, MD. Baker's Cyst "Differential Diagnosis" 2 Nov 2007. 2 June 2008.

William C. Shiel Jr., MD. Baker's Cyst (Popliteal Cyst) "What is a Baker's Cyst?" "What causes a Baker's cyst?" 2003. 2 June 2008.
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