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Contributed by: Residents and Faculty Baptist Health System Birmingham Alabama, Radiologist, Baptist Health System Hospitals Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
Patient: 67 year old male
History: No prior surgery or known trauma. Later told of prior facial trauma and wire closure of mandible.

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CT - soft tissue mass inferior to right orbit and lateral to maxillary sinus. Presence of high density material
within inferior portion of this mass. Question of bone erosion versus bony remodeling of lateral
maxillary sinus wall.
MRI - mass is increased signal T2 and intermediate signal of T1, well circumscribed, that doesn't enhance.
Drop out signal from metallic fragments.

At surgery, a cyst was found as well as a wire. No tumor. Cyst had replaced infraorbtital floor. No definite involvement of the maxillary wall was seen.

Diagnosis: foreign body reaction cyst
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Case Number: 2706032Last Updated: 2011-07-11
Anatomy: Face and Neck   Pathology: Trauma
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Keywords: right infraorbital mass, infectious / foreign body granuloma, schwannoma of infraorbital nerve, soft tissue neoplasmaACR: 228.46

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