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Contributed by: Barti Davan, Newark Beth Israel, New Jersey, USA.
History: Altered mental status, history of drug abuse

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Fig. 2
Findings: Dense and symmetric calcifications in the globus pallidus, caudate, putamen and dentate nuclei. Scattered periventricular hypodensities, nonspecific in nature.

Calcification in the globus pallidus of a patient under the age of 40 should be considered pathological unless proved otherwise.  Calcification confined to the globus pallidus of a patient older than 40 should be considered physiological and no further work up is recommended.

Calcification elsewhere in the basal ganglia, dentate nucleus, or multiple areas of the cortex in a patient of any age should also be considered pathological.


Calcification of the Basal Ganglia as Visualized by Computed


Chad R. Cohen, M.D., Paul M. Duchesneau, M.D., and Meredith A. WeInstein, M.D.

RadIology 134:97-99, January 1980.

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Anatomy: Cranium and Contents   Pathology: Infection
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